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Glorious Earth Wine Company

+ 34

100% Garnacha 2020

Country of Origin - Spain  

Wine Region - Castilla la Mancha 

(you guessed it, the land of Don Quixote)

Wine - Cava  

Alcohol - 12% by vol 

Serving Temperature - 42 - 46°F 

OrganicCertified organic by Comité de Agricultura Ecológica de la Comunitat Valenciana. Código de Autoridad de Control: ES - ECO - 020 - CV (yes, they are very serious people)

Notes A meticulously cultivated organic rosé Cava that’s intricately floral and upliftingly fresh, +34 captivates with subtle elegance and sensory savoir-faire. Easy on the eyes, nice to the nose, delectably clean and light with a lingering finish, it embodies all the integrity and conviction of its Mediterranean motherland. Purely Granacha, charismatically complex, eternally effervescent; a Cava so quintessential, we honored it with the country code.

Food PairingsThis Cava is ideal to be enjoyed throughout the meal but if you can find some pickled fish, white asparagus or manchego cheese to go with it...halleluiah

+34 Cava Brut Sparkling Wine

For the Wine Gods

  • This Cava was born from the best selection of organic red Garnacha grapes of the area. These grapes are grown with southeast exposures to maintain subtle and floral aromas.


  • The wine then stayed for more than nine months at 17oC (62oF), in absolute stillness and without sudden changes in temperature or light. It gained complexity day by day roundness in the mouth and finesse in its bubbles.


  • What emerges is a pale pink cava, very intense and with great aromatic complexity.

  • On the nose, it offers primary aromas that are characteristic of a delicate rosé cava with hints of violets, roses, and ripe red fruits.

  • On the palate, it is smooth, creamy, fresh, and elegant with balanced acidity, slight hints of rye bread, and a long finish. 

Can we please just drink now? 

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