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Glorious Earth Wine Company

Blanc Check

100% Sauvignon Blanc 2020

Country of Origin - Spain  

Wine Region - Castilla la Mancha 

Designation - IGP Tierra de Castilla

Wine - Sauvignon Blanc

Alcohol - 12,5% by vol 

Serving Temperature - 45-50°F 

OrganicCertified Organic by Organic Sohicert

Notes Born and raised in the bountiful domain of Don Quixote, organic grapes gradually ripened in the Mediterranean Sun and delicately seasoned by Balearic Sea breezes, make this golden-hued Spaniard stand out in the crowd of Sauvignon sameness. Intensely expressive, intrinsically textured, impeccably true to character, this is Sauvignon Blanc at its refreshingly bright, beautifully crisp, best. Bank on it.

Food PairingsWonderful with most seafood, especially if simply stea- med. Also goes perfectly well with cured Manchego cheese with quince and figs.

Blanc Check white wine bottle

For the Wine Gods

  • After the selected grapes are harvested, the must is squeezed and very carefully separated from the seeds and skins. The must then ferments in small stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature until it is perfectly ripe yellow with golden tones.


  • Aromatic intensity and a complex sample of various essences reminiscent of mint, coriander, fresh basil with soft tones that evoke touches similar to tangerine skin.


  • Fruity, round with light fruit integrations that reveal papaya and passion fruit, wrapped in a strong component of texture.

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