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Pink Wink

Glorious Earth Wine Company

Nero d'Avola, Frappato & Nerello Mascalese blend 2020

Country of Origin - Italy  

Wine Region - Sicily  

Designation - Terre Siciliane 

Wine - Rosé blend  

Alcohol - 12,5% by vol 

Serving Temperature45-50°F 

OrganicCertified Organic by Bioagricert SRL. 

Notes - Indigenous Sicilian grapes rarely cultivated outside Italy distinguish this perfectly toned love potion from its more common French and Californian counterparts. Scintillatingly crisp, suggestively refreshing, unapologetically Italian, this is a brazenly flirtatious Rosato that’s up for adventure, down for day drinking, and not at all afraid to Netflix and chill. In fewer words: For those about to rock, we rosé you.

Food Pairings - Goes well with most pasta dishes, especially when there is some eggplant thrown in. Fantastic with desserts - just not cannoli!

Pink Wink rosé wine bottle

For the Wine Gods

  • Pink Wink rosé is made from organic grapes grown in the beautiful foothills of the Belice Valley in Sicily.


  • The combination of the three red grape varietals creates a bright, fresh, balanced, young, and modern wine. It has delicious hints of strawberries and is well structured, elegant, and fruity.


  • Made from early harvested of red Sicilian grapes that undergo cold skin maceration in press for 12 - 24 hours at 10°C (50°F), followed by fermentation in stainless steel, at a controlled temperature.


  • A small portion is also obtained by the process of "bleeding" which separates part of the red grapes must destined for red fermentation.

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